Yangon Nightlife - Best Things to Do at Night in Yangon

Light up your night in the capital city of Myanmar - Yangon by thousands of night life's activities to participate. We are here to suggest travelers some places you might want to drop by to spend worthy nights in Yangon.

It appears to most people that at day light is when all activities bustling occur, natives and foreigners alike are all gathering in the city hot spots. When sunset, quiet would take the role, people turn back home to rest. But in Yangon - the busiest city of Myanmar, things won’t happen like that. Night is when a lot kind of fun things about to start. Let's find out with Myanmar Airfares.

1.Night Sightseeing at Shwedagon Pagoda

Before joining the later exciting atmosphere, why don’t you just stop by for a little peace to “warm up” first. Shwedagon is considered as Yangon symbol in particular and Myanmar in general. In daylight, you can observe many religious rituals they do there, souvenirs Burmese sell and free to take bunch of photos in the Backside, main temple, Budhi tree, tens of smaller temple in its yard and meet hundreds of skillfully sculpture Buddha statues.

What worth saying that the Pagoda had built with precious material like gold, rubies, diamonds, etc. so when the darkness comes, it automatically shines up with the particular gold twinkle color. In my point of view, the night just enhances the Pagoda beauty much more than daylight, which provides lovely opportunities for astounding images in the journey.

yangon nightlife 3

Ticket for entering: 8,000 MMK (about $5USD. Check the exhange rate again at: https://www.xe.com/ )

Opening time: from 4am to 10pm. Perfect time to visit the Pagoda is at 4pm, then spend time there till 7pm. In this way, you can both contemplate its magnificent at daylight and its transformation when night time. Furthermore, 6pm is the time for night street food bar and pub. 

2. Enjoying Diverse Delicious Dishes

Best place to enjoy the food is at the downtown, where traditional, foreign and modern cuisines stay together. Right there in the street food, you can catch the image of dishes from hawkers, vendors, stalls, plain Burmese food stores and restaurants. Price is variety and suit for the three class but most of them are rather cheap, specially vendors, hawkers and local food store dishes.

yangon nightlife 2

Some popular streets in Yangon at night you should go to are: 19th Street and other places in Chinatown, Shwe Bon Thar and its surrounds of Indian street.

19th Street in Chinatown is a not - to - be - missed place when the night comes in Yangon. Known as a really popular place to hang out at night and enjoy delicious street food of both foreigners and locals, 19th street gives you a chance to taste some exotic Burmese dishes as well as soak up the local life. 

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yangon nightlife 1

If you don't like the crowds, you can also choose one of these restaurants for late meals.

» Cheap and Tasty:

999 Shan Noodle Shop with little space provided but serve tasty dishes and friendly staffs.

  • Address: 130B, 34 street (downtown, near Sule Pagoda)
  • Price: 3000 - 5000 MMK
  • Close at 7pm

Anya Ahta restaurant has good mix of local and foreign cuisines, serve quality food and various kind of drinks.

  • Address: 37 street (downtown, near Sule Pagoda)
  • Price: 3000 - 5000 MMK

New Delhi restaurant serves Muslim influenced South Indian dishes with many kinds of curry, chapatis.

  • Address: No.262, Anawrahta Road
  • Price: start from 1000 MMK
  • Open time: 11am to 2:30pm, 6pm to 10pm

Danuphyu Daw Saw Yee Myanmar is a small restaurant with Myanmar traditional and modern cuisines.

  • Address: San Yeik Nyein, 96, Yangon-Insein Road
  • Price: Start from 1500 MMK
  • Open: close at 8:00pm

» Mid-range:

Feel Myanmar Food restaurant- an extensive selection of Myanmar cuisine and Shan food, served in buffet style

  • Address: 124, Pyitaungsu Avenue
  • Price: 3500 - 8500 MMK
  • Open time: 6am to 10pm

Lotus Myanmar Food House received lots of compliments from tourists and locals alike, ideal spots for vegetarian.

  •  Address: No.138, 42nd street, Lower Block, township
  • Price: from 3500 - 7000 MMK
  • Open: 11am to 11pm

LinkAge Restaurant and Art Gallery- a lovely medium size restaurant, nice and helpful staffs, beautiful taste, serve many kinds of Myanmar food and Indian curry.

  • Address: No. 141, 1st floor, Seikkantha Street
  • Price: 3000-10000 MMK
  • Open: 11am - 2pm and 6pm -10pm

» Posh Restaurants:

L’Opera is an upmarket Italian restaurant, serves quantity western dishes and has beautiful view looking out to Inya Lake.

  • Address: 62D U Tun Nyein Street, Mayangon Township
  • Price: over 20000 MMK
  • Open: from 11:30 am- 11:30pm

Seeds Restaurant and Lounge owns beautiful spacious outdoor yard, luxury designed, food is influenced of Asia and European cuisines.

  • Address: No.63 A, U Htun Nyein Street, Ward 10, Mayangone Township
  • Price: over 30000 MMK
  • Open: 11:30am - 2pm, 5pm - 11pm

Le Planteur – from the name can be guessed that it is France cuisine, decorated splendidly from furniture to a single napkin. Astounding outdoor garden view, spacious space provided.

  • Address: 80 University Avenue | Bahan Township
  • Price: over 25000 MMK
  • Open: 11:30am to 11:30pm

» Advice: eating should be finished before 10pm, because after this time, restaurants would be closed. Now, you are ready to join in noisy bar, club and pub

3. Bar, Pub and Club Through Night

Since Myanmar opened the door, lots of its aspects had changed and from that moment, Yangon is no longer a boring city at night. Nowadays, the city offers many interesting bars and pubs for you to join in and have a memorable night.

yangon nightlife
Wonderful view of Atlas rooftop bar

yangon nightlife 4
Inside a club in Yangon

» Here are the list of bars and clubs you shoud consider in your Yangon tour:

ATLAS Rooftop Bar is where you can both having fun and contemplate the city beauty at night, modern design, joyful atmosphere and you can meet many foreigners there.

  • Address: 4 Pan Hlaing Street | 12th Floor

Pirate Bar has a typical decoration of pirate’s furniture, wall and floor covered of wood and the lack of light contributes to the space somewhat of mysterious.

  • Address: 47th Street | G-9, Asia Business Center

The Envoy provides an elegant downtown setting and enormous balcony.

  • Address: 168 West Shwegonedaing Road, Yangon

7th Joint Bar and Grill attracts lot of Burmese, nice serving and when music on, people really get in to it, let’s dance.

  • Address: GA 10. Shwe Asia Building | G-A10, Shwe Asia Building, Corner of 47th Street and Mahabandula Road

The Vibe may be the most nightclub gathered with foreigners, they open till really late, tune and beat is amazing.

  • Address:  31 Kanyeikthar Road

Mbox and Pioneer. MBox get noisier with DJ at weekends, which really desirable by expats, they come more at weekend for that; it provides karaoke rooms. Pioneer has good music, lighting and new decoration.

  • Address: 330 Ahlone Road

Even at night, Yangon still has many interesting choices for you to experience from the bustling local life at chinatown to the wonderful bars in downtown. What are you waiting for? Get yourself out there and go insane!

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