Best Time to Visit Myanmar

Choosing a time to pack luggage for your trip makes lots of differences to your vacation. Which is why we all look up for information to decide when is the best moment to enjoy fulfill vacation, to set journey to Myanmar.

First, let catch some basic information about seasons and weather in Myanmar.

The country has 2 available seasons: dry and wet.

1. Dry Season (start from March to May)

In this period, the weather becomes very hot almost throughout the country. This season is the hottest of the year and in some region, temperature can reach astronomical high, especially in the dry zone plain like Bagan and Mandalay, often be approximately at 40°C.

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2. Rain Season (start from June to October)

From June to October is the monsoon season, rainfall heavily and differently in different regions. Rainy season can be divided into 2 stages. From June to August is stage 1, rainfall can maintain continuously for long period. Famous places like coastal regions near Bengal Bay and Yangon have to bear long rainy days. But the driest regions: Bagan and Mandalay, can avoid the downpour and stay dry till August. Stage 2 is in September and October. In this stage, rain subsides and sunshine starts to replace it. You can travel from this month now on if a little rain doesn’t bother you.

best time to visit myanmar
The rain season give life to the vegetations of Bagan's temple plain

From November to February, weather becomes easygoing, warm atmosphere and cool days pleased people. It makes sense that it is the season preferred the best. All your trip spots can be stop by and it’s time for you to enjoy your time.

As we know, altitude affects weather pretty much and no exception for any country. Therefore, Myanmar’s mountainous areas bear lower temperature than most parts of the country. These regions are known as the best places for trekking in Myanmar such as Keng Tung, Mindat or Kanpelet. If you are embark on an adventure in these areas, it is recommended to bring warm clothes.

Inle Lake – a very famous attraction in Burma lying at the height of 2,900 feet (880 m) which also has cooler climate. Especially, in the evening and early morning of January and February, the temperature can drop down below 15°C

best time to visit myanmar 2
Bring warm clothes if you take the hot air ballon ride over Inle Lake in the early morning

In conclusion, Myanmar can be visited all year round owing to the fact that the country’s climate is tropical and each season has its own unique features. In the monsoon season, you can still visit Mandalay or Bagan where experience less rain and the temperature is more pleasant. Meanwhile the dry season is perfect to explore the city of Yangon and the stunning beaches in the Gulf of Bengal in the beautiful sunlight. However, if you are looking for the best time to visit Myanmar then the period from November to next year February is the answer. 

3. Myanmar Festivals

Another the reason that can decide when to visit Myanmar is the vibrant Burmese festivals. This is a great opportunity for you to experience not only the country’s culture, history but also the hospitality of the local people. The big festivals often last very long (about 1 week or more) that means you can have plenty time to enjoy the festive atmosphere. 

Myanmar owns lots of unique festivals that nowhere else in the world has. Some of the best ones are listed below.

One of the biggest festivals that expected by the people in the country is Thingyan.

The festival occurs annually in Myanmar New Year, starts from 13 to 17 of April. All the fun comes from every bucket of water plashed to another and passengers go by. They do that because they believe water will refresh people and wipe bad lucks out.

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Taunggyi Tazaungdaing festival held in the Shan state, also known for the name: the festival of light. It usually happens around November. What special about this festival is during the occurrence, thousands of air balloons from the distinctive shape to sizes are sent to heaven with the wish to the disappearance of evil spirits. The festival just so special the way it is.

best time to visit myanmar 1

Thadingyut Festival is held everywhere in nation in the full moon month, which is about the middle of October. To welcome Buddha back from heaven, people light thousands of candles in specific shapes in pagodas ground. This scene turns just so flickering at the time.

Other notable festivals are Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda festival (Inle Lake) held in 18 days between September and October; Ananda Temple festival (Bagan) in January or early February; Shwedagon pagoda festival in February or March.

best time to visit myanmar 3
Colorful Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda festival.

To be noted that the festivals in Myanmar are celebrated following the month of the lunar year.

Hope that the article is useful for you to make your decision of best time to visit Myanmar. Then, don't hesitate to contact Myanmar  Airfares for the domestic cheap flights and amazing Myanmar group tours to perfect your trip.

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